Saturday, June 4, 2011

pancake time - ホットケーキの時間♥

Rhubarb - what a strange name!

I needed to do something about this. (ずっと気になってしょうがなかった。)
Finally, I asked one of the farmers at Greenmarket how I should cook it.
She kindly told me it would be good in jam or sauce because of its tartness and great on ice cream, cheesecakes or in a pie. Sounds good.
Hmm...  but I wasn't in a mood of making ice cream or baking, ... OK.  How about on top of pancakes?

Coming back with the rhubarb and a pint of beautiful strawberries, made this sauce and pancakes right away.

The tangy sauce was a perfect match with my bitter and sweet green tea pancakes ♥ a happy moment :)


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