Friday, May 27, 2011

first guest

Lots of shopping for my kitchen. Pots and pans, steamer, wok, table for photo shooting, cutting board, bowls, plates, silver ware, trash can, etc. Have to like whatever I buy and luckily, I'm easy to get lost and happen to find something I've been looking for wherever I go ;)
After running around all over the city for a week, macro kitchen kitty is almost ready and I did the first photo shooting!
Right after I finished taking photos and ready to eat, my roommate called me and asked if I had dinner already, so I invited her...

greenmarket vegetable penne with cilantro pesto sauce

We enjoyed the pasta and the flowers from Greenmarket.
It was a nice early dinner.
If you happen to be in NYC, please let me know.
You might be my next guest ♥

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